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When you have a group event to organise and you need travel arrangements, the solution to facilitate this is booking with Carlisle Minibus hire. It is far too risky to leave the travel to friends, family or non-professionals. Taxi travel in Carlisle is easy, efficient and inexpensive.

The vehicle fleet is huge which is why we can cater for any size booking from 1-72 and of any age-group. A 4 seater taxi is the ideal choice for a single person, perhaps needing an airport taxi transfer and a 6 seater multiple person vehicle may be perfect for a middle-sized family or a small group of friends having a get together.

If your group is larger than 16 you can choose Carlisle coach hire and we can carry up to 72 passengers. This does not mean you pay for a 72 seater coach for 10 people. We have a wide range of coach sizes from 20 seater upwards and all with an expert driver.If your family is large and may include extended family, you may need a 24 seater coach hire in Carlisle. When you book with the specialists, it is part of their normal working day to organise the trip for you.

Drivers at Carlisle mini bus and coach hire can also transport those with young children, elderly people or those with disabilities.A single person traveller can expect the same sense of privilege and customer care, whether a VIP visiting business dignitary or a single holidaymaker taking a lone trip. When you book with the professionals you book know-how and a standard of care and comfort that goes above expectations.

We know all the tourist attractions in and around Carlisle and can take you there directly, avoiding the busiest routes and knowing the map well. All vehicles also carry modern Satnav systems and drivers are trained, vetted, qualified and fully covered by the appropriate insurance to take passengers.

All you have to do is enquire on booking and inform of the size of your group and we will do the rest. We will collect you on time and deliver you to your destination, promptly and safely.

Why not book in advance and put the worry aside now? Online booking is simple and you can obtain a fast quote first if you like. Or feel free to pick up the telephone and speak with one of our team.